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I'm whipped. I was up late last night writing til the wee hours and I've been writing like a madman the last couple of weeks and its finally catching up to me. I spent a couple of hours in a writing session with my friend Rich, who is collaborating with me on the sitcom pilot for a contest on Bravo.
I have to say that I'm very pleased with our progress, which is a good thing since the contest deadline is Sept. 18th.
We'd already developed our concept and created our characters in previous sessions and and spent last night working on the actual script. The dialog for the opening opening scene came together fairly quickly and smoothly and introduced 2 of the 3 main characters.
We then spent some time fine tuning and stream lining some of the scenes that come next. We liked the direction we were going, but needed to do some editing in order to make sure we can come in at the 15 minute time limit set for the contest. We're attempting to resolve this time constraint by combining some scenes into a montage.
So far it seems to have filled the bill.
We've got another writing session scheduled for tomorrow and then I've got a 4 day weekend to divide up between family obligations and writing projects...unless of course my head explodes along the way. If that happens then my calendar frees up quite a bit.
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Just signed up for this service and I don't have anything in particular to say so I'll start with the basics.
I am currently immersed in a couple of writing projects, one of which is a sitcom pilot to be entered into a contest on the Bravo network. Deadline for submission is September 18th, so I've got my work cut out for me.
I'm also about half way through my first novel, which I anticipate coming out next spring. It's Sci-Fi, Action adventure with plenty of humor and pop culture references throughout.
Both of these projects are collaborations. I'm developing the sitcom with one other person and the novel four others. The interesting thing about collaborating on the novel is that of the four additional writers, I only know one of them. The other three co-conspirators I met online in various Star Trek chat groups.
Other than those projects, I've got a couple of screenplays I’m in various stages of development that are on the back burner for the time being. They're horror themed and are going to be produced as independent films beginning next year. I'm also considering submitting a script to Project GreenLight once the next contest period opens.
That's enough ramble for now. I'll see how this comes out and add something else later.
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