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First off thanks to everyone whose added me as friend and posted any comments to my blogs.

Well the inevitable has happened. As I have billed myself as a writer thereby implying that I’ve written something, lo and behold someone as inquired about my posting my work. As it happens I do have some short stories that are still residing in my head that will hopefully see the light of day and make their way to the internet sometime soon. How soon I can't say. Most writers have a variety of stories that they've previously written over the years that are available to be posted and add news ones periodically as they finish them. I on the other hand am writing all of mine at the same time.

I’ve been collaborating with others for a while now on multiple projects that have alternately shifted from the front to the back burner and back again. I had anticipated having a short story or two completed and posted by now but that hasn’t quite worked out as expected. At this point I've spread myself pretty thin with trying to develop so many stories at once so I’ve had to re-re-re-re organize my day in an attempt to get more done. I 'm actually considering doing more work with pencil and paper to make better use of my non-computer time. I also need to get my collaborators up to speed so we can work together more efficiently on these projects. Now that I'm thinking about it, I might actually post a couple of short stories as a work in progress and just develop them online. Might as well get some feed back on them as they stand. Of course if I spent more time on stories and less on blogs I'd probably be further ahead then I am now. Blogs however are more off the cuff so to speak and written on a whim.

I also want to find the time to read and post some comments to other people’s blogs. Other than that my slate is clean.
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On October 27th, 2004 03:35 pm (UTC), jack_rayner commented:
Posted writings
My current project is currently a collaboration with two other people with two more waiting in the wings. Two I know personally and two I've never met before. Overall its going well but it could definitely be better. I've assumed the lead position on the project and have done the majority of the writing of late but that has more to do with the fact that there was no real plot or outline in place until recently. Once I share what I've come up with I'm sure it'll be easier for everyone else to make their contributions. Either way I'll continue to move forward and take whatever anyone else can add.

I don't know that I would agree with you on your comment that you're not a good candidate for collaboration. You just need to find a more productive partner. Someone who's produced something previously helps you to get a feel of what they can bring to the table. I personally enjoy the back and forth with other writers as we verbalize what we envision to story to be and then see it come to life on paper. It can be very gratifying when someone adds something that seems to have been plucked from your own imagination.

As far as posting a WIP or two I'll probably go with some fan fiction shorts I've had on the back burner that I'd like to move to the front. I might even open them up to collaboration and use them as a scouting tool for future projects. Hmmmnnn, me thinks I like that idea.
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