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I’m sitting here staring at my MySpace account trying to both clever and productive and doing neither. I’m just not focusing. I’ve given myself a Christmas deadline to complete the first draft of the book I’m working on and I’ve been keeping some late hours trying to get on track. It’s been a productive week so far so at least I’m not crispy with stress.
I’ve managed to tweak the story’s main plot so that it better serves the contest of the story rather than just getting us from point a to point b. The subplots and character interactions have been there pretty much from the beginning but the main plot has always left something to be desired. Now that that’s been resolved the rest of the story should flow more smoothly. Of course I still have to run this by the people I’m collaborating with for their take but I don’t foresee any issues. We’re usually on the same page with regards to the context of the story, which makes it easier to get things done in a group format.
I’d like to say I’m looking forward to sleeping in on Saturday morning but since I have a couple of young kids at home I’d say the odds of that happening are slim to none and slim is already on the stage out of town. Oh well sleep is over rated anyway.
This seems to make sense as I’m writing it but I’ll probably think otherwise once I’ve posted it. What the hell. As long as I can give the illusion of being productive when I’m clearly rambling. I think I’ll keep that a secret that no one need ever know.
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