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Been awhile since last I've updated da blog. After completing the first draft of the sitcom pilot for Bravo, I took a about a week off from writing just to catch up on some email and to grab a short refresher (several short refreshers of the 12oz kind.).

We just went back to the script recently and started adding to it and rewriting here and there, to what essentially is the second draft. I gotta say I'm liking it even more now. Much funnier than what we submitted and a hell of a lot more fun to write.
It's actually been liberating to approach this as an independent production. Without the constraints of commercial television we have the flexibility to have our characters say what we really want them to say, allowing us to take the show in the direction we originally envisioned.
That being said we've also started batting around ideas for the next few episodes. Once we get about 5 or 6 additional episodes written we'll probably start looking for a director so we can start putting a cast together.
And as if that's not enough to keep me busy...I've got rewrites ahead of me on chapters 2-6 for the sci-fi novel I'm collaborating on, I still need to finish my outline for the prequel for the same novel as well as writing the rest of the book. And just to make absolutely sure I don't run out of things to write, I'll be starting the first draft of a horror screen play over the next week. Other than that, not much happening right now or write now.

I'll attempt to update da blog at least once a week or so, possibly more frequently depending on when I can actually squeeze it in. Not that that's much of an issue at this point since no one's reading this yet and I'm essentially talking to myself. But I will pretend that there is more than just the voices in my head and I will strive to share those voices with my imaginary friends.
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