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Down to the wire

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I'm exhaustipated. I'm so whipped that I'm mentally constipated. That being said, it's been a hectic week but we're just about there. We've written our last scene and are currently revising and polishing earlier dialog. We’ll be poppin’ it in the mail tonight to secure our September 18th postmark. After that it’s out of our hands.
I’m not usually one to favor the whole contest bit. I don’t like having to bet my future on some suit that may or may not have a clue as to A) what they’re doing or B) what they’re reading. But since I’d never written a sitcom pilot before or written anything on a deadline, this was the experience I was looking for. Personally, I prefer to take destiny into my own hands and proceed within the realm of independents, which is also the realm of independence.
Since we’re not relying on the contest to decide our fate, we’re going to continue to develop the series and write additional episodes. While we’re writing, we’re also going to search for, or put together a production team to film the pilot ourselves. If by this point we haven’t gotten a green light from Bravo, we’ll have the ability to move forward on our own. We’ll also be able to extend the original pilot episode to a full 22-minute entry. After that we can shop it to distributors with the possibility of going direct to DVD.
One way or anther this puppy’s getting done. Stay tuned to this channel for further updates.
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